Nilcer & Gabriel


Friday, 17th of April 2015 at “Santo Domingo del Cerro”, Antigua Guatemala

Welcome! We are so glad you made it!

Nilcer Pineda


More than six years ago we began what seemed like a daunting adventure: A VERY LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. We’re not talking about a hop on a plane 2 hour away relationship, we are talking about a 2 sleeping pills, a glass of wine and a 12 hour plane ride relationship.

We are overjoyed that we can count on all of you to share this special moment with us.

Every one of you has had such an amazing impact on our relationship and we wish to celebrate with you this new chapter in our lives.

More than a celebration of our relationship, this is a celebration of our thankfulness to every one of you for helping us get here.

We have put together this website to help deliver more information than we can possibly fit in our invitations, so please take a look inside as we will be continuously updating it.

Love, Nil & Gaks

Gabriel Kattan


The Happy Couple's Parents

Nilcer Viscovich

Mario Pineda

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Gabriel Kattan

Katy Ortiz

You are welcome to attend our Wedding Ceremony at "Iglesia y Convento de Capuchinas"
and our Wedding Party at "Santo Domingo del Cerro" following the ceremony on the 17th of April 2015 in Antigua, Guatemala!

[ Formal Attire ]

The Wedding Ceremony


17th of April 2015


7:30 P.M.


"Iglesia y Convento de Capuchinas", Antigua, Guatemala

he Church and Convent of Capuchinas is a notable convent and church in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. It is one of the finest examples of an 18th-century convent in Guatemala.

The architectural complex was the work of Diego de Porres, a great architect of Antigua, Guatemala. The interior highlights a circular patio with arches that mark each of the 18 nuns’ cells. This section is called the “Torre del Retiro” (Tower of Retreat).

Additionally, there is a second patio, which made up the principal cloister, with a central fountain and arches formed by Tuscan stile columns.

The Wedding Party


17th of April 2015


9:30 P.M.


Santo Domingo del Cerro Restaurant

Life passed by placidly for the ancient residents of Santo Domingo, which between spiritual withdrawal and the frugality of their customs, also enjoyed the flavors and delicious foods prepared by themselves according to recipes brought back from foreign lands.

Santo Domingo del Cerro Restaurant

"Oriente" 3rd Street No.28 "A",
La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: +502 7820-1220

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